The Box Art For Watch Dogs Legion Has Leaked | E3 2019


The box art for Watch Dogs Legion has leaked online, and it might just confirmed some rumors that have been doing the rounds about the game. The name of the game originally leaked last week, and apparently, there will be no main protagonist, but rather we will be able to control any NPC.

One this suspiciously missing from the box art that has leaked is a clear main protagonist, so there might just be something to this rumor. We may just end up controlling multiple different NPCs, or perhaps any NPC in the game.

We will be learning more about the game during the Ubisoft stage show just a few hours from now, so will keep you updated on any details about the game that are released.

Watch Dogs Legion will be the third game in the series from Ubisoft. The games center around the activities of hackers who manipulate the world around them to get access to information and places that powerful people don’t want them to be. The first game was a bit drab, but the second one seemed to be a more attractive prospect to people, and the third one appears to be set in London.

This will hopefully put the developers in a position where they rely less on firearms, and embrace a new style of gameplay to really bring something unique to the table. We will be finding out much more about Watch Dogs Legion in just a little while, so we will keep you updated with all the news about this upcoming Ubisoft title.