Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead Title Update 1.1 fixes locked doors, lobby issues, and extraction points

No more getting stuck at the end of a run.


Image via Ubisoft

Today, Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead Title Update 1.1 was released. The update fixes a host of issues that have been found in the alpha version of this game mode so far. These issues and fixes apply to PC, where Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is exclusively in alpha but will eventually inform the final release for all other platforms.

The patch notes for the update list many fixes, including the Electrofist not consistently working, game stability improvements, and removing random path changes to avoid players finding the same path multiple times. At the end of a run, the text has also been altered to correctly indicate that players are heading back to the lobby instead of leaving the game entirely.

To help players progress further in runs, the duration of Spiderbots has been increased, and drivable cars always have their lights on, so there’s no need to check every vehicle you come across. However, the most important fix is one that removes a bug that prevented players with eight packages from extracting at the end of a run. Now, gathering a colossal number of packages is a viable strategy for all players.

More egregious issues such as locked doors, floating or teleporting zombies, and the sound levels for all movement speeds have all been brought into line with the base game. Making for a much fairer and more enjoyable experience.

A change has been made on the development side of things that makes better use of bandwidth on the server. This is what is helping with stability and should make for a smoother experience in general. Rewards for completed runs have also been altered because players were chaining together tier-3 rewards, which was possible in the game unintentionally.

You can read the full patch notes on the official website. For most, the only fix that you’ll actually notice is that zombies now spill blood everywhere when shot, literally painting the town red.