Wattam, Made By The Creator Of Katamari Damacy, Is Coming In December

Wattam, a game made by one of the creators of Katamari Damacy, finally has a release date.

Wattam initially got announced at the end of 2014. The first trailer showcased a mysterious blocked man trying to leave his house. However, the block person couldn’t decide what kind of hat to wear. It turns out he has a short fuse on the top of his head, and as soon as he leaves the house, he explodes.

Wattam – Official Announce Trailer | PS4

www.playstation.com/en-us/games/wattam-ps4/ From the criminal mastermind behind Noby Noby Boy and Katamari Damacy comes Wattam – a unique, charming world bursting with interesting people, overseen by the Mayor and his trusted Deputies. Look for more details on this extremely fresh, 3D action game with interactive sound, throughout 2015! ©2014 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.

It was a strange trailer, but gamers become fascinated by the fact of who was creating it. Keita Takahashi is one of the creators of Wattam. Takahashi is a designer and artist known for his work on Katamari series. Katamari is a series of video games centered on a small prince who needs to rebuild the universe by literally rolling everything together in a ball. It was odd yet incredibly charming game series that has developed a devoted fanbase. There are currently only two entries in the Katamari series – Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari.

Wattam appears to follow the same trend of Katamari. It also looks like a weird game with a similar premise. Over the years, more information on Wattam has come out. In Wattam, you star as the .block man from the first trailer, and you need to connect to other things by holding hands.

The game has a similar art style as Katamari, and fans of that game series have been clamoring for Wattam for years. However Wattam kind of flew under the radar for most gamers, and it has been in development for years since its initial announcement.

In Sony’s State of Play, the company finally gave Wattam a release date. The game is going to release on the PlayStation 4 in December of this year, a full five years following its initial announcement.

Wattam – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Wattam is coming to PS4 this December! Wattam [ˈwät-ˈtäm] n. A combination of the Japanese word (wa) and the Tamil word (vattam) for circle. Mayor is alone in a dark world with no memories, too sad to realize his dear friends are still nearby.