Weird West has been delayed until March 2022

It will be worth the wait.

Weird West has been delayed from a planned release date of January next year until March 31. The Devolver Digital-published title is being developed by Arkane Studios co-founder Raphaƫl Colantonio.

The hybrid action RPG and immersive sim will be undergoing a two-month delay to iron out some issues arising from the game’s overall complexity, according to a statement released on Steam. According to the post, Weird West “has the potential to deliver incredibly unique experiences, but also comes with a set of variables that can lead to unintended consequences.”

This makes sense, as the entire point of immersive sims is to provide the player with a sandbox that can be interacted with, but is difficult to predict. The end result can be gameplay or narrative loops that effectively close themselves off in an unsatisfactory manner, so the WolfEye Studios team wants to take the time to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Weird West is an isometric action game set in the Wild West, but with a twist of the supernatural and fantastical. Each playthrough of the game will be unique based on the decisions that players make during the various quests. You can easily make friends or enemies based on how you interact with people, so a deadly foe in one playthrough could be a valuable friend in another.

Weird West will release on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on March 31, 2022.