West of Dead, Starring Ron Perlman, is in Open Beta Now


Even among the crowded stage of X019, top-down action game West of Dead stood out for plenty of reasons. The occult Western shooter features a distinct comic book art style and, if the trailer is anything to go by, its soundtrack will be just as unique.

The trailer for West of Dead features plenty of gameplay, but the first thing you’ll likely notice is a familiar voice. Ron Perlman lends his gravelly voice to West of Dead’s player character, the actor who played the pro-human demon in Hellboy.

West of Dead is a twin-stick shooter featuring fast-paced gunplay against a variety of armed adversaries. The player will have a dangerous arsenal, along with grenades and a trusty handgun, to complement their supernaturally fast reflexes, and the game’s environment is highly intractable, too. In the trailer, the character is seen hopping over furniture for cover and bouncing bullets off walls. According to the game’s website, West of Dead‘s environments procedurally generate each time you play.

West of Dead takes place in Purgatory, Wyoming, in the year 1888. Ron Perlman plays an undead gunslinger with more than a passing resemblance to Marvel’s Ghost Rider if the ghostly biker traded his leather jacket for a poncho. Its dark visual style is dripping with shadow but makes good use of its sparse color.

West of Dead’s publisher, Raw Fury, has an excellent track record for putting out notable indie games, including Bad North, Dandara, and Kingdom in the last few years.