What could Xbox show off during the Nintendo Direct | E3 2019


With how open Microsoft has been with partnering with Nintendo to bring games like Cuphead to Switch, adding Achievement support for titles like Minecraft, and the willingness to head the cross-play movement, seeing something of theirs appear on Nintendo’s E3 presentation wouldn’t be a bold prediction.

There have been many rumors about what potential Xbox titles could make their way to Switch next or if any of Microsoft’s IP will be one of the remaining DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but there are even more opportunities this partnership could open up.

Ori going cross-platform

A safe bet would be Microsoft letting Moon Studios port Ori and the Blind Forest over to Switch. The critically acclaimed platformer would be just another example of a perfect Switch title, joining Cuphead and Celeste in that area. Not only that but if Microsoft announces the release date for the sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, they could follow that up with releasing it day-and-date on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Many other titles could follow, but this is one that fans have asked for frequently and also the most likely to make its way over.

Game Pass on Switch

Another big rumor was Xbox’s streaming service Game Pass making its way to Switch.

It is already going to be coming to PC shortly, bringing access to hundreds of games to another platform for a single monthly fee. Bringing that same service as an app to Switch would give Nintendo fans access to not just a wide variety of games, but also dozens of Xbox exclusives that they could experience for the first time.

The only issue would be the hardware requirements. Some of the titles on Game Pass would likely be more powerful than what the Switch is prepared to run, and they won’t get optimized for a release on Nintendo’s console. This problem could lead to a lot of crashes or terrible experiences with specific, newer titles. An easy workaround would be going in and only allowing games that can work on Switch through to the Switch version of the service. More titles may get added later, but that could bring players over to Xbox or PC to play the other titles.

The Bear and Bird come home

The final option could be one for the old school Nintendo fans. Leaks have shown new Banjo-Kazooie merchandise in the works, and Rare hasn’t been working on anything that we know of outside of updating Sea of Thieves. If Microsoft announces a new title or remasters for the Bear and Bird, there is a strong possibility of Smash getting another classic character as DLC.

Adding Banjo and Kazooie to Smash Ultimate would be a great opener, which can be quickly followed up by bringing the remastered versions of Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie to Switch. That might be the versions updated for Xbox 360 or an entire port of Rare Replay, but either way that would excite fans for a return of the N64 classic.

None of these announcements have come out yet, but all of them have been in the rumor mill for weeks, so tune into both the Microsoft Press Conference at 3 pm CT on June 9 and the Nintendo E3 Direct 11 am CT on June 11.