Pokémon Sword and Shield is getting a Rotom Phone — Here is what it does


In Pokémon Sun and Moon, trainers got to travel alongside a helpful device known as the Rotom Dex, a companion version of the Pokédex device that merged with the electrical Pokémon Rotom, who is known for taking over appliances.

Now Pokémon Sword and Shield appear to be taking the building on that concept by adding the mischevious little Pokémon into the player’s phone.

It isn’t just a standard phone, seeing as it will be acting as the player’s Pokédex in Sword and Shield. Whether the device will operate like it was in Sun and Moon where it actually shows the Rotom entering the device, or the device comes with a Rotom already inside hasn’t been revealed yet.

Like with the Rotom Dex, players will most likely be able to use the device in other ways. Features like a photo mode, built-in map of the region, and direct interaction with the player will probably be carried over. Things like having the Rotom Phone give tips or advice, have a changing personality, and giving out rewards based on how the trainer interacts with the hybrid could also make a return.

Rotom Bike

However, the trailer also showed a brief scene of the player character on a bike with the Rotom Phone attached to it. When the trainer added the device to the bike, there was an electrical charge that boosted its speed while showing electricity sparking off of it. In the official press release following the Direct, it states that “it can be attached to a bike to make it move faster on land or even travel over water once the bike is modified.”

Rotom Surf

The water traversal shows the player controlling the bike after it has taken on a pedal boat look. It will probably control similar to the surfing function from previous games.

In all likelihood, this will be how Game Freak uses the ability of Sun and Moon’s Ride Pokémon without having to bring in a concept that was a unique function exclusively used in the Alola region. Something like Rotom boosting a bike that has an attachment can easily explain the mechanic without the need for Ride Pokémon or a return of HM moves.

Now a faster land speed and turning the bike into a Transformer-like vehicle that can also work as a replacement for a surfing Pokémon is one thing, but the real question is how they will implement things like Fly, Strength, and Cut. Maybe we will see a flying bike transformation too. Stay tuned as we learn more about the Rotom Phone and how else it’s going to assist trainers on their journey through Pokemon Sword and Shield.