Here’s When Pokémon Sword And Shield Reviews Embargo Is Lifting Off


Pokémon Sword and Shield is about to drop, as it’s going to be available just in a couple of days for Nintendo Switch. It’s the first mainline title in the franchise to be released on the Switch, so there’s a little tension for what matters the quality of the outcome.

We’re going to discover what’s happened with the quality of the game, and the amount of content and all the things that you might be willing to know just in a few hours, as the embargo on reviews lifts off today, on November 13 at 6 AM pacific time.

Open Critic announced the review embargo details on their official website. We do know that users are predicting an 82/100 average score, which is rather good if you consider all the commotion in the pre-release.

You might have heard about Pokemon fans not very happy about what’s happened with the Pokédex, which is not carrying all the Pokémon of the other regions in Galar for the first time in the franchise. Also, the amount of effort Game Freak has poured down on the title, which is rumored to be using animations from the previous chapters.

Anyway, a previous commercial about Pokémon Sword and Shield has pushed heavy on the nostalgia factor, as it features a lot of those pocket monsters we’ve grown used to see in a Pokémon game since the Nineties.