When Is PS5 Next Reveal Happening?


We’ve reported lots of news from a CNET interview with PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, but there’s one more that perhaps is the most interesting and appealing to you guys eagerly waiting for the next generation of gaming to kick off around next-year.

When is the next PS5 reveal happening? This question has been asked and not provided an obvious answer, although it’s still worth reporting as Ryan said – via a transcript by the journalist – that the company “plans to discuss the new PlayStation as development versions of the device are sent to outside game companies.”

That’s not a very precise answer, but sure enough, we weren’t anticipating much more, and also the reason behind the early specs reveal is something we could understand.

“We wanted to make sure that the PlayStation fans had clear and unambiguous information from us instead of garbled nonsense third and fourth hand — some of it true, some of it perhaps certain times less true,” Jim Ryan claimed. “This is just the start of the unveil process.”

It’s something I can comprehend, again, since Sony would have never discussed the console with not going to E3 2019 at all in mind and its three biggest games already up in the air as for release dates on PS4. It has happened a bit earlier, but this doesn’t mean we’re going to see a full showcase so soon.

With that said, the reveal of PS5 should happen by the end of the year and the first half of 2020, with the latter being more believable as a timeframe if you ask me.