Why is Pokémon Go down and unavailable? – Everything we know about the maintenance

Pokémon Go is undergoing maintenance.

Pokemon GO

From 11:00am to 6:00pm PST, Pokémon Go will be down and unavailable to everyone attempting to play the game. No matter how often you refresh your application or try to log on to the game, it is under maintenance.

Developer Niantic announced the maintenance several weeks before it went out, and players can expect the mobile game not to return until it brings the servers back up. Depending on the changes made to the game, it may also feature a few errors for players attempting to play it.

Other than knowing about the maintenance, there’s little information the developer has provided players. The maintenance could have something to do with the upcoming Unova Champion Throwback Challenge, or as a way to bring in more stay at home features Niantic has been working towards manifesting to assist players who want to continue playing the game but cannot go outside due to quarantine for COVID-19.

At least we know the general timeframe for the maintenance. Once it returns, we could receive details from Niantic about what it did to improve the game moving forward. Regardless, it’s a temporary outrage, and everyone can return to playing Pokémon Go once the servers return on 6:00pm PST.