Starfield – Todd Howard Explains Why He Wanted To Do A New IP Before Elder Scrolls VI


Starfield is the first new IP in 25 years of history for Bethesda (announced at recently concluded E3 2018), so it’s clear that people expect something new out of it. This is exactly what will happen, according to Bethesda Game Studios boss Todd Howard.

Based on what he told GameReactor, you can definitely expect a mixture of the good old things Bethesda does in its role-playing title and new stuff that will be prepped up for a so special occasion as a new IP is.

Starfield Is Going To Do Things Bethesda Has Not Used Us To

“It does things that you would expect us to do, but it does a lot of things you wouldn’t expect from us too,” he told the site when asked about the different things we could anticipate from a title which is not Fallout or The Elder Scrolls.

“We talked about that game for ten years. We know people want us just to go on to Elder Scrolls, right? But you have to ask yourself: do we want to be a group that all we do is go Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Fallout. And we did, we wanted to do other things too. And that was definitely one that we got very, very excited about,” Howard elaborated on the reasons why he wanted the studio to do a new IP.

“We’ve always wanted to play the game we’re making and no-one else has quite pulled it off in what we’re doing. And we feel that once we started putting some pieces in place and playing parts of it, there’s something really… I don’t want to say too much but… pretty incredible there.”

Starfield has not a release date attached but is already playable and in full production at Bethesda. So it’s definitely coming before The Elder Scrolls VI, which is in pre-production by the way.

Source: GameReactor