Windjammers 2 brings totally tubular action 25 years later

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Discjamming can never die, as retro-focused developer Dotemu have announced Windjammers 2. The sequel to the cult classic frisbee-combat game that originally released on the Neo Geo is coming next year with original, hand-drawn 2D artwork as well as more fully-featured multiplayer modes.

The sequel will include new players, stages, and a selection of power moves to change up the dramatic disc-flying game. It’ll also feature what Dotemu refers to as “enhanced gameplay mechanics” for those “ultimate disc throwers” out there. Perhaps that’s hinting to motion controls since the game is coming to Switch.

There is no sign just yet of the playing-with-a-dog mode from the original, and while it probably will be back, expect consequences and protest if it is absent.

Originally released in 1994, Windjammers was revived by Dotemu for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita last year, with a Switch version of the first game still to come this year. It is comparable to Pong, or the disc battles from Tron, with the addition of early 90s beach ware and well tanned beefcakes.

You take to a special court and work to send your disc across into your opponent’s zone to score, while defending your area. Position yourself correctly and you can unleash devastating special attacks.

The new Windjammers features an entirely new art style that plays up the original’s Body Break aesthetics. If you’re interested in jamming in a new way, you can expect it on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2019.