The Witcher 2 Xbox One X Performance Mode vs Graphics Mode Comparison Video


The Witcher 2 has received Xbox One X enhanced treatment from CD Projekt Red. The update that adds Xbox One X support to the game is available for download right now, it weighs 600 MB. It adds two modes in which The Witcher 2 could be played on Xbox One X – Graphics Mode and Performance Mode.

The Witcher 2 Xbox One X Enhancement Detailed

Let’s first talk about the graphics mode – as the name suggest, it allows you to play The Witcher 2 on Xbox One X with better anti-aliasing, better textures, improved shadows and many other things. Coming to the Performance Mode – this mode brings all the necessary graphical improvements to The Witcher 2 on Xbox One X (graphical improvements that we usually see in the regular backward compatible game), and the more focus is on the performance.

It is quite difficult to express the differences between these two modes in words. On this note, our friend at Skewednet shared a direct-feed comparison video of The Witcher 2 Xbox One X – Graphics Mode vs Performance Mode. Do check out the differences and decide which playable mode is going to suit you the best.

The Witcher 2 Xbox One X patch is out now.