Wolfenstein Dev Team Interested In Quake Reboot

Wolfenstein developer has expressed interest in building a reboot for the Quake franchise, that has recently returned with the appreciated free-to-play multiplayer game Quake Champions.

During a Reddit AMA Jerk Gustafsson, producer for the Wolfenstein franchise, has revealed that MachineGames would do it, similarly to how it has done with the World War II based sci-fi game.

“Quake is the reason I got into gaming. Discovering WorldCraft and Level Design, making maps for Quake, was one of the best experiences of my life – I even still do it today,” Gustafsson admitted.

“Developing a Quake game (a re-imagination of Quake 1) is and will always be on my bucket list, but working with Wolfenstein and getting to work closely with my heroes over at id Software is pretty awesome too.”

We’d be rather interested in seeing this studio work on another IP outside of the Wolfenstein games, which also are getting a revamp with co-op, more Dishonored like Youngblood this summer.

MachineGames was indeed founded with the sole target of rebuilding Wolfenstein, and with two chapters – The New Order and The New Colossus – being rather appreciated it looks like it has managed to do so.

So, could it be that Bethesda and id Software allows them to go even further with the huge catalogue of intellectual properties at id and tries something else for Quake, too?

Whether it’s a new IP or Quake, I do know that I’d like something else from such a talented studio, and perhaps after releasing Youngblood, they’ll have room to do so.