Developer Behind Rocket League and Wolfenstein II Switch Ports Says More Ports Are Coming


Panic Button Games is synonymous with high-quality ports on the Nintendo Switch. The developer has already brought Rocket League and DOOM to the console, and the studio is busy working on Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus’ Nintendo Switch debut. But according to a new interview with the studio, more titles are on the way for the Switch from the company.

“We might have some other titles for that platform, and maybe some other games for other platforms, in the works,” Panic Button’s director of development Adam Creighton told Gamasutra. “In terms of volume, I’m in this amazing place where as a studio we get to choose how we want to grow, and with whom, and with what projects.”

As for what those games will be, it’s unclear. Creighton hinted that the studio is now facing a situation where they are “picking the different projects that are exciting to different people in the studio,” thereby rounding out its portfolio for future work. That means Panic Button may be picking games with a higher profile across genres, giving them the opportunity to bring extremely popular franchises over to the Switch.

At the very least, though, it’s safe to say that Panic Button generally gravitates toward games with a relatively strong following. The studio has also worked on such games as RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, ReCore, Injustice: Gods Among Us (Ultimate Edition), and Primal Carnage: Extinction over the years, just to name a few.

So while Panic Button could be working on anything, it’s likely that whatever they bring to the Switch will certainly stand out.

H/T Nintendo Life