Monster Hunter: World, Pokémon, Splatoon, and more Nendoroids and Figmas were shown off at Wonder Festival


The Good Smile Company revealed a bunch of new Nendoroids and Figmas that will be released over the next few years at Wonder Festival 2018.

Monster Hunter, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pokémon, and Persona 5 were just a few of the series on display at Wonder Festival to get fans excited for the future.

Some of the figures have working prototypes, while others are only concepts at the moment. Nonetheless, fans are excited about the thought of holding one of these figures in the future.

Most of the figures shown don’t have a release date planned at this time. When a Nendoroid or Figma is available to preorder, fans usually have to wait six or more months to finally get their hands on the product.

The Good Smile Company is continuing to acquire more licenses, however, with Earthbound reportedly getting its own line in the future.