World Health Organisation recommends “active” video games to stay fit at home

It recommends playing them for 30 minutes a day to stay healthy.

Ring Fit Adventure

Image via Nintendo

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has been providing support and advice to the public during the spread of coronavirus, and now it has recommended “active” video games as a way to stay healthy while self-isolating. 

On social media, WHO published a list of physical activities that can be done at home, which can help keep you fit and active without having to go outside. The list includes online exercise classes, dancing to music, the aforementioned active video games, skipping rope, and doing strength and balance training.  

Some titles that are ideal for keeping active are Ring Fit Adventure, Fitness Boxing, and Just Dance, all of which are on the Nintendo Switch. Another good idea is to break out the Wii Fit Balance Board, or to play a game for Wii such as Wii Sports Resort, and use the boxing mini-game for a mini-workout. VR titles, such as Beat Saber and Half-Life Alyx, also get the player up and moving around. 

WHO recommends that “all healthy adults do 30 minutes/day of physical activity, and children should be physically active for 1 hour/day.” Despite the lockdown currently happening in the U.K., people are still allowed one walk a day for exercise, but if you don’t want to go outdoors, play an active video game instead. The main goal is to stay active.