World of Tanks 10-year celebratory event announced

Say thanks for tanks.

World of Tanks 10-Year Anniversary Event

Image via Wargaming

World of Tanks is set to celebrate its upcoming 10th anniversary with a four-month extravaganza, developer Wargaming has announced.

The announcement came via the World of Tanks Twitter account; Wargaming announced that the celebrations will kick off on Wednesday, Apr. 22. The sprawling event will be set across five acts, which will culminate in a big special event in August.

World of Tanks on Twitter

Act I of World of Tanks’ #10thAnniversary celebration starts tomorrow and we have all the details you need below. What are you most excited about?

World of Tanks fans can look forward to plenty of themed activities, missions, throwbacks, and prizes that can be won across the event. Each Act will correspond to certain milestones in the game’s history, and Anniversary Coins, which can be exchanged at the in-game anniversary store, will be available to earn and traded in for new cosmetics and valuable items.

General Chat will return, as part of the first Act, during Random Battles for the first week only too. The open chat feature will allow players to cause chaos among enemy and ally troops by chatting to both sides during encounters.

Players who complete all five Acts will be in line to earn exclusive in-game rewards, including a 3D style for the legendary American Tier IX tank destroyer known as the T30.

World of Tanks 10th Anniversary: How it works!

In 2020, World of Tanks turns 10. It’s a great and important event. We need to do something special about it. We’re going to reflect on past events and celeb…

All 160 million registered players are free to take part in every event, and newcomers to the game are just as welcome to get involved. To take part, click the anniversary banner in the bottom right-hand corner of your Garage.

The first Act begins at 1:30am ET and 6:30am BST on Apr. 22, or 10:30pm PT on Tuesday, Apr. 21, depending on what region of the world you live in. It’ll run until Monday, May 18, when it’ll end at 1:00am ET and 6:00am BST, or 10:00pm PT on Sunday, May 17.