World of Tanks Blitz Yuletide Express brings festive cheer and rewards to the battlefield

Have a blast over the Christmas period.

World of Tanks Blitz Yuletide Express brings festive cheer and rewards to the battlefield

Image via Wargaming

World of Tanks Blitz is receiving a winter makeover in time for the festive period.

The Yuletide Express event, which runs December 18 to January 4, will bring Christmas cheer and unique rewards to the free-to-play MMO tank sim. To celebrate the update’s arrival, Wargaming released a teaser trailer on the official World of Tanks Blitz YouTube channel to give players a glimpse of what to expect.

Battle victories will earn players a new currency — Jingle Bells — that can be used to unlock new event stages and prizes. Garage slots, tank boosters, new camo skin certificates, limited-time premium account passes, and the Tier V Matilda BP premium medium tank are a selection of the rewards on offer.

Players will also have the chance to unlock the Tier VII T26E3 Eagle 7 premium medium tank once all 15 Battle Pass stages are completed. Alternatively, Blitz fans can spin the snow globe and win a mountain of store gold or a Tier VII to Tier X tank — including the recently introduced AMX M4 premium heavy tank — to keep.

Holiday Chests, which players can unlock during the event using free XP or gold, will spit out rewards including the AMX M4 tank, legendary camos, premium account time, and more. Rare, Unique, and Legendary gold boxes will also fill up with every victory you achieve, and will dispense gifts once 1,500, 8,500, and 20,000 gold coins are accumulated respectively.

Finally, Blitz’s popular Gravity Mode returns for a limited time on a winter-themed map, and tank auctions — comprised of 24 tanks across three stages — are available to participate in. Price drops will occur daily and, once the limited number of specific tanks are sold out, they are gone.