World of Tanks VE Day-inspired mode celebrates event’s 75th anniversary

Travel the Road to Berlin in this limited-timed event.

World of Tanks Road to Berlin VE Day 75th anniversary

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A two-week celebratory event, inspired by the 75th anniversary of VE Day, is coming to World of Tanks today, Wargaming has revealed.

Road to Berlin, a brand new PvE game mode that commemorates the end of the Second World War, will be available to play from Monday, May 4 to Monday, May 18. The game type had been teased in a YouTube video on April 24, but Wargaming has now confirmed that fans can play it imminently.

Tankers will have the option to join one of five different Units — divisions made up of American, British, and Soviet vehicles — before being teamed up with other players to take on AI-controlled enemies. Each unit contains three similar middle-tier tanks that come equipped with specific Combat Boosts. These special attacks range from Airstrikes to Special Shells, and will help players to take down adversaries more efficiently.

Battles will occur on one of four specially crafted maps, including a brand-new Berlin map, and consist of five Battle Missions. Players will be tasked with completing these objectives, such as defending capture points, in order to defeat AI tank commanders and progress through the campaign.

As with other World of Tanks modes, players will need to work together tactically in order to consolidate positions and earn points, which will lead to various rewards being unlocked as you play. Individuals who complete the mode before its end date will receive the IS-2 tank equipped with spaced armor as a special prize.

All maps, apart from the Berlin map, will be available from May 4. The Berlin map will be operational from Friday, May 8, to celebrate VE Day and honor the moment when the ceasefire was announced.