World of Warcraft Introducing Vulpera and Mechagnome Classes In New Update


Blizzard wants fans to keep entertained with World of Warcraft, even though the Battle for Azeroth is about ready to come to a close. So it’s going to be bringing in two new allied races to mix things up!

As part of the upcoming Visions of N’Zoth update that’s on the way for the game, players will be able to take charge of the Vulpera (a fox-like creature) and the Mechagnomes in the new update.

This update comes from a new developer video, which provides details about what the update will bring. We can see it below. It takes a little while for game director Ion Hazzikostas to talk about the new races. He doesn’t do so until around the 13-minute point. It’s worth the wait – and it covers the other stuff coming to the game as well.

The Vulpera have aligned with the Horde. Players will need to finish up the Vol’dun questline and reached the exalted level with the Voldunai faction to play with them.

Meanwhile, the Mechagnomes have aligned with the Alliance, and they’re mostly metal beings. They have requirements as well, such as having to reach exalted with Mechagon and completing the questline. Once you get to this point, however, the Mechagnomes await.

Although an official release date hasn’t been given for the update yet, we expect that it’ll be available in the PTR for the game sometime later today. We’ll see what Blizzard delivers in the hours ahead.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC. Check out the full video below.