World War 3 Releases Major Update and Early Access Roadmap

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When Polish developers The Farm 51 released World War 3 into early access just over a month ago, the multiplayer military FPS was lauded for its potential but marred by no shortage of bugs, performance issues, and server downtime. Today sees the first significant update to World War 3 that is set to address many of its problems and expand with a new Team Deathmatch game mode. The Farm 51 has also outlined a detailed development roadmap that shares its vision for the future.

World War 3 Development Roadmap

World War 3 Releases Major Update and Early Access Roadmap
Development Roadmap • The Farm 51 • Fair Use

The development roadmap for World War 3 is meant to provide players with a sense of what’s to come and to reassure them that work will continue throughout the early access period.

We have taken the community feedback to heart and are focused on implementing fixes to the issues players have raised. So far, we have implemented several patches which stabilised the servers, balanced the gameplay, and resolved many issues players have experienced. Going ahead, this will continue to be The Farm 51’s focus in our roadmap.

The starting point of the early access roadmap is the current 0.2 update which is now available and added a new Team Deathmatch mode. The mode features two teams of 10 players each who compete in rounds of fast-paced close-quarters combat within a Warsaw shopping mall during day or night.

The following new content was also added in the 0.2 update:

  • New German vehicle – IFV Boxer
  • New Polish MSBS BP assault rifle
  • New Russian Guerilla uniform
  • Additional soldier customization items
  • Polish language support

World War 3 Update 0.2 Patch Notes

The patch also addresses many of the most common problems and implements the following fixes:

  • Better performance
  • New spawn system in TDM
  • Load time reduction
  • New master servers
  • New authentication system
  • New progression system

For an exhaustive list of fixes, we suggest you read the full patch notes forum post.

It looks like World War 3 is going to see another two to three updates over the coming few months as The Farm 51 continues to position its early access title as the go-to modern military FPS.