World War Z Packing in Even More Zombies with New Horde Mode


If you thought Saber Interactive’s World War Z had enough zombies, hang onto your rocket launcher, because it’s about to get even more.

In a new post over on the PlayStation Blog, creative director Oliver Hollis-Leick confirmed that the game, where four players take on large groups of the undead, will finally get a horde mode (or, as he calls it, Horde Mode Z). Essentially a wave-based mode, enemies come at you in large groups, with each one getting progressively more difficult. This type of mode is a staple of Gears of War games, and has become increasingly popular over the years.

The mode is a free addition to the game as part of an update set to drop tomorrow, Dec. 17.

In the blog post, Hollis-Leick explained some of the unique gameplay mechanics coming with the new mode. “When we started testing the game, players often didn’t shoot at the swarms because they thought they were decorative background scenery until it was too late,” he said. “The pyramids that zombies create—climbing over each other to create a growing pile-up of undead flesh—are also not there because it looks cool; if you don’t topple them, they’ll pile high enough to reach any high ground you’ve managed to secure.”

He also detailed the impressive tech that was used to put the game together—namely how the team could cram 500 zombies on-screen at once. “When the swarms are distant their AI is simplified but, as they get close, each individual zombie can emerge from the swarm to become independent in its actions,” he said. “It took a lot of work to make this transition as seamless and unnoticeable as possible.”

Saber has teased the mode for some time, but really began pushing hype for it this month. It recently posted an image of a deadly new zombie called the Bomber, which looks to be an ex-military type with bombs trapped to its body.

It also showed off a tease of the map where the Horde mode will take place—as well as where you might want to place your defenses when they start storming in.

World War Z is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.