WoW Classic Is Releasing Later This Summer in August

The World of Warcraft Classic game is going to release in August of this year. In it, players are going to return to the days of when they had to use some of the oldest features of the MMO, which have been taken out due to quality of life enjoyment, such as queues for dungeons.

If you’re already a World of Warcraft subscriber, you’re automatically going to have access to World of Warcraft Classic as soon as it launches. For those who do not, you’ll have to pay for it separately.

For those who feel like waiting until August is going to be too long, you can try your hand at attempting to get into the game earlier. Blizzard is going to invite select players to the game’s closed beta program and to have them help stress test the servers starting this month until July. You can sign up for this beta on Blizzard’s official website located here.

There’s also going to be a Collector’s Edition for World of Warcraft’s 15th anniversary. The Collector’s Edition is going to be available later this year on October 8, and it’ll include a map of Azeroth mouse pad, art prints from the game, a special anniversary mount for your characters, an Onyxia pin, and a Ragnaros the Firelord statue. You can purchase it for $99, and you can pre-order the item right now from Blizzard’s store.

World of Warcraft Classic launches during the game’s 1.12 Drums of War update, and it’s going to be available on August 27, later this year for the PC.