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World’s First Pokemon Sleep Shiny Found During Android Beta Test

The first shiny Pokemon from Pokemon Sleep has been caught by a player participating in the mobile game's Android open beta.

The first batch of beta testing for Pokemon Sleep has been released to a handful of countries, giving Pokemon fans the opportunity to try it out for themselves. Although the beta has been out for a short amount of time, it has been reported and confirmed that a Shiny Pokemon has already been discovered.

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The shiny Pokemon has been shared on Reddit, and fans applaud the individual who found it. Many more fans can expect exciting discoveries during the beta for Pokemon Sleep, with the official release set to hit close to the end of this month.

Shiny Pokemon Discovered in Pokemon Sleep, Celebrate World First

The shared Pokemon is a Meowth, and in Pokemon Sleep, it’s considered a Snoozing Type. To distinguish it as a shiny version of the Pokemon, Pokemon Sleep has a small shiny icon above the Sleep Style Dex entry, breaking down the basic information of a Meowth.

Fans in the Pokemon Shiny Reddit celebrated the appearance of the likely world’s first shiny Pokemon sighting. We’re not aware of the odds for the chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep, but like most Pokemon games, the chances of encountering one in the wild are extraordinarily high, and we can only guess the odds of this happening were extremely low.

However, many fans were more enthralled with the shirt worn by the one who caught it, applauding the individual’s choice to wear a Togepi-based shirt. “Love he busted out the Togepi shirt,” one commenter posted. Other commenters in the thread ask where he got it and how nice it was.

Although players arrived on the Reddit thread to check out the first shiny Pokemon from Pokemon Sleep, they stayed to talk about this Togepi shirt. According to the original poster, who shared the image of his brother catching the shiny Meowth, he shared that, “Man literally sprinted down the stairs to tell me about his shiny. I had to tell him to put on a shirt for the picture lmafoo.”

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The discussion regarding the shirt has overtaken the comments. And we have to agree; it’s a great shirt, especially to share the image of Pokemon Sleep’s first shiny Pokemon. The player has appropriately named the Meowth, Schrodinger.

The appearance of the shaty Meowth in Pokemon Sleep also has fans regretting that the beta for the game has yet to arrive in their country. Thankfully, they won’t have to wait too long. It has been confirmed that Pokemon Sleep, designed to monitor the user’s sleep for them to catch and befriend wild Pokemon, will be released sometime in late July 2023. We don’t have an official confirmation, but it should arrive here before August 2023 arrives.

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