Blizzard Offers WoW: Classic Players a Free Character Realm Movement Option In The Future


WoW: Classic is here, and fans are enjoying the trip down memory lane as they return to a time where grinding was severe, and quest descriptions were vague. However, due to the game’s popularity, many players are forced to go through queue times as they wait to jump into the classic title. To help with it, Blizzard is giving players the option to move their characters to different realms, for free.

Typically, for players to get this opportunity, they have to pay upfront to make it happen in the main World of Warcraft game. Given the popularity of WoW: Classic, Blizzard wants to help players out as much as possible so they can have an enjoyable experience all around.

You won’t find this is the game right now, though. Blizzard only just announced that they’re going to offer this to players who find themselves spending more game time on the loading screen. For now, players are going to have to deal with waiting in long lines.

Additionally, players won’t be able to do this for every server in the game. Blizzard is compiling a select list of servers they’re going to allow players to move over to, should they want to use the service. These servers are likely going to have significantly lower populations to make the transition easier and not create a similar problem elsewhere.

Those who are eagerly waiting for this option are going to want to make sure the character they select is not a guild leader, has any unopened mail, or have any pending auctions or bids on the market.

Feel free to check out the official announcement as we await more details to the upcoming option.