WWE 2K22 features trailer shows off the highly requested GM Mode and more

It’s finally back!

Image via 2K Games YouTube

2K Games released a new trailer for the upcoming game WWE 2K22. This trailer shows off improvements and features that the game has.

A returning mode is Showcase, where players step into the shoes of a legendary wrestler and play big matches that defined their career. Although we didn’t get a confirmation on who the wrestler will be for this year’s entry, we can speculate that it will be Rey Mysterio based on the trailer. Another mode that is coming back is MyCareer, now called MyRise, where you play as a new wrestler trying to make it big in WWE.

A new mode being introduced in this year’s game is MyFaction. Players will be able to create a faction made up of wrestlers from the present and past, playing as them throughout the game mode. According to GameSpot, this mode will feature micro-transactions.

Lastly, GM mode, which has been highly requested from fans, is finally making its return since SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 when it was under the WWE 24/7 mode. In this mode, players are able to take control of either Raw or Smackdown, book shows, create feuds, and build the popularity of their stars. They have to be aware of their funds though, making sure they don’t go into the red.

More details about WWE 2K22 are expected to come in January 2022, while the full game is set to release in March 2022.