X018 To Feature “Announcements And Surprises”, Together With “Special Guests”

As you might’ve heard, X018 will be hosted for the first time in ages in Mexico City during the local FanFest. As revealed in the latest Inside Xbox, that’ll be the perfect occasion for some announcements.

In a tweet, Xbox Mexico has confirmed that the Inside Xbox being aired in that circumstance, on November 10, will allow us to get some “news, announcements and surprises.”

XO18 To Have New Announcements And Surprises

Together with that, we’ll have the opportunity to virtually meet “special guests” for what is set up to be “the best edition of Inside Xbox,” so this is a sort of hint for people external to the Xbox team to show up during the broadcast.

Last time Microsoft talked about the event, it was confirmed that there would be reveals from first and third party studios and publishers, so we could finally receive some news from people like Rocksteady or others.

Among the other rumors we’ve heard lately, sure enough, there’s Microsoft acquiring Obsidian Entertainment, something that could be disclosed in the occasion of the next Inside Xbox.

We’d like to hear more about games, too, so that could be a good chance to learn the first details about what Playground Games’ second team is working on, Battletoads, Crackdown 3, and more.