X019 Trailer Hypes New Game Reveals, Xbox Game Pass, xCloud News


Microsoft has just released a brand new trailer for the upcoming X019, the community event where fans can play games far before their release and, of course, where Microsoft can drop a ton of announcements related to Xbox. (Or at least we hope so.)

The company has promised new game reveals, news from over 10 Xbox Game Studios titles, huge Xbox Game Pass news, a Project xCloud update, news on Wasteland 3, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Minecraft Dungeons, Sea of Thieves, CrossFire X, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and more.

All of that will happen as part of the biggest Inside Xbox broadcast of the season, scheduled for Nov. 14 at 8pm GMT, 3pm ET, 12pm PT.

What are we expecting to happen, though? First, when you say Project xCloud news, we expect more games and more territories involved in the public preview, which is now only available in United Kingdom, United States, and Korea.

On top of that, we also expect something rather big to happen about new game reveals: being the event in the UK, it feels the best place to deliver a new Fable teaser, but we could also get a Halo Infinite gameplay glimpse ahead of the next E3, where Xbox Scarlett will be also fully revealed.