Xbox Ad Suggests Halo Reach And Gears 5 Crossover


Microsoft has two big games coming in 2019, Gears 5 and Halo Reach for PC, so why don’t they make them meet at some point? Well, this is precisely what’s happening right now, at least looking at this supposed leak.

An Xbox One ad has seemingly revealed a Halo Reach character pack for Gears 5, which – as we read in the ad itself – might be included in the Ultimate Edition of The Coalition title releasing on September 10, 2019.

That would be a nice surprise for the fans of Halo, and particularly for those waiting for Halo Reach to release on PC as the first part of the bigger The Master Chief Collection and to be included in the MCC on the console as well.

The pic attached with the ad includes two members of the COG forces with Spartan-like skins and, while those are a bit weird since their much thinner in comparison with proper Spartans, it, sure enough, looks like a great homage for the series.

Anyway, with Gamescom kicking off today, it seems there’s a chance for such crossover to be announced today: Inside Xbox starts at 5 pm CET, while the Opening Night Live is fixed at 8 pm CET. Both will feature news on Horde and Campaign from Gears 5, and it looks believable that we see something more at this point, too.