Microsoft Plans Xbox All Access Subscription Service With Console, Live And Game Pass


According to reports from Windows Central and The Verge, Microsoft is planning an Xbox All Access subscription based service including a console, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

The products would be granted for US consumers at a $35 (Xbox One X) or $22 (Xbox One S) monthly fee for 24 months and, if successful, would be spread across the other territories where Xbox is regularly available.


The initial plan is to allow subscriptions across the Microsoft retail stores in the United States, although the platform holder is reportedly working to involve other PC hardware makers in the process to have a more capillary diffusion.

The initiative is called Project Largo and had a similar process more than six years ago, when Xbox 360 was about to end its lifecycle and was at the center, together with Xbox Live Gold, of a subscription.

The Verge also confirmed that Microsoft has a $149,99 all new Xbox hardware in the making and that the announcement was supposed to be made at Gamescom, as teased in a first post on Xbox Wire (that was quickly edited after publication).

The hardware is not the much anticipated and rumored Xbox Elite controller v2, and is coming in October – suspiciously close to the Forza Horizon 4 launch date. Could it be a new steering wheel for Xbox One?