Xbox Elite Controller v2 Leaked – Top 6 Features Revealed


Popular Chinese website Baidu has leaked few images and features of next version of Xbox Elite Controller called Xbox Elite Controller v2. The first edition of the controller was very popular among the Xbox and PC gaming community, and one of the most important features that was very well received by the Xbox fans was the ability to customize it – players have the ability to change thumbsticks, increase accuracy by adjusting weight and many other things.

Xbox Elite Controller v2 Leaked

Baidu listed Top 6 Features of Xbox Elite Controller v2 and these will surely go to excite the Xbox community because some of the latest techs has been used – USB Type-C, Bluetooth support for Windows 10 and so on.

Xbox Elite Controller v2 Features:

  • Rechargeable batteries, undetachable, MagSafe-like charge port.
  • USB Type-C.
  • Bluetooth on Win10.
  • 3-level Hair Trigger locks.
  • 3-Profile Switch.
  • Longer key-travel for Paddles.

The one thing that is disappointing for me is – the controller comes with Rechargeable batteries, but there are undetachable – it would have been better if Team Xbox would have provided players the ability to remove the batteries on their own, recharge it as per their wish and way.

Check out the screenshots of the Xbox Elite Controller v2 below.

Xbox Elite Controller v2 Leaked Image 1 Xbox Elite Controller v2 Leaked Image 2 Xbox Elite Controller v2 Leaked Image 3