Xbox Exec Teases Next-Gen Scarlett “Roadmap”

During the weekend, an Xbox exec has shared a quite teasing tweet where it claims to have recently discussed the future of Microsoft’s console business.

Mike Ybarra, corporate vice president at Xbox, has indeed claimed to have been in a “fun meeting” about the “roadmap” for the platform.

The tweet comes complete with an Xbox logo, teasingly with leaves on the background, and mountains on the back, perhaps a suggestion at the cloud.

Cloud gaming is set to have a significant role in the future strategy of the platform, with Project xCloud launching this year.

Xbox Exec Teases Next-Gen Scarlett "Roadmap"

Xbox Scarlett, the next-gen Xbox, is believed to be teased this year at E3 with a short video similarly to what happened with Project Scorpio.

You can learn all the rumors, forecasts and speculations that have been around thus far about the console in our roundup.

This meeting was probably a good occasion for the team to fix some points about the strategy for gaming and the proper content of the reveal.