Xbox Game Pass Reportedly “Close” To Be Released On PC

Xbox Game Pass Is "An Always-Evolving Program," Says Microsoft

Microsoft is reportedly going big with its PC gaming efforts, according to the latest rumors coming from the Internet.

We’ve already shared with you the news about a possible port of Halo: The Master Chief Collection releasing soon to the platform.

Anyway, it seems like this is just the beginning of those efforts, and more stuff is on the way from the creators of Windows and Xbox.

According to Thurrott’s Brad Sams, indeed, it looks like Xbox Game Pass is “closed to being ready for release” on PC.

The subscription-based on demand gaming library has been rumored to be coming to Nintendo Switch for a while, too.

By the way, this seems way more feasible and “close” to be happening, at least from what we hear in this latest report.

“Knowing how Microsoft plans to position the platform, I would expect to see MCC as the carrot the company will use to help move users to the new game offering.

Further, I would expect to see other titles from Microsoft, as the Age of Empires IP, show up with GamePass as well when it launches.”

An Inside Xbox is dropping on March 12 and interestingly enough it is featuring Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Age of Empires and Xbox Game Pass.

So, perhaps, more information about this topic will be released or at least hinted at during the next episode of the IX.

We’ll let you know about that as soon as it happens, of course.