Xbox Game Pass Improves Playtime By 20%, Games Played By 40%

Xbox Game Pass Is "An Always-Evolving Program," Says Microsoft

Microsoft has provided few interesting stats about Xbox Game Pass, which reveal how the subscription increases the amount of hours spent on gaming.

According to these statistics, playtime has a 20% increase and the number of games played features a +40%.

As for people’s reaction to games entering the Xbox Game Pass lineup, each time they do, they see their active players double.

On top of that, Microsoft also noted a 25% increase in pre-orders and a 10% increase in franchise sales.

  • 20 percent increase in playtime.
  • 40 percent increase in number of games played.
  • Whenever new games enter Xbox Game Pass, active players double.
  • 25 percent increase in preorders.
  • 10 percent increase in franchise sales.

EA Access has similar users behaviors, as reported by analyst Daniel Ahmad: “1. Play More (2.5x more games) 2. Play for longer (4x longer) 3. Spend more (3x more).”

Are you a subscriber to any of these services?