Xbox Game Pass Members Spend 20% More Time Playing Than Before Signing, +40 Titles Played


Microsoft is totally involved in the Xbox Game Pass project and is willing to keep growing it across the years. The numbers, as revealed in a Variety report, are indeed quite positive from that perspective.

“Game Pass members spent 20% more time playing games than they did before signing up. And not just with Game Pass games, but with other games on the Xbox One as well,” says the report, based on data provided by the platform holder.


“The company also saw a 40% increase in how many games a subscriber plays, and again, that wasn’t just for Game Pass titles, but all titles on the system,” which feels great overall for a service launched just one year ago.

How does Microsoft feel about this success?

“We’re looking for all different ways to add more value. What we’re seeing is Game Pass response is really strong. Subscriptions are going well, especially here in Europe, we’ve seen really, really good response […] we’re seeing people spending more time playing, playing more games in Game Pass, and it’s been great for us but it’s also great for our development partners as well,” said Aaron Greenberg, GM of games marketing at Xbox in an interview with during Gamescom 2018.

“It builds a bigger audience, the network effect has been great – we’ve seen that with both Sea of Thieves and State of Decay as an example, where we saw more players come in and play the game, which drove more word-of-mouth, that network effect that we think definitely contributed to the success of those titles.”

Note that you can currently have two months of Xbox Game Pass for just $2, thanks to a sale which will be available until next week. So, there’s definitely a lot of value here. Are you a subscriber? Let us know in the comments.