Xbox Game Pass Has “Millions Of Subscribers”

Xbox Game Pass is growing so much more than we originally anticipated, and Microsoft is enjoying the numbers of subscribers getting higher and higher each month.

According to Phil Spencer, the numbers are now being counted in “millions” as first-party exclusives are being offered upon day one, and third-parties are starting to appreciate the initiative.

“We are seeing incredible growth with Game Pass, we have millions of subscribers today.But also, every game that is in Game Pass, you can buy that game,” said Spencer at X018 (thanks, ResetEra).

“I love the idea that if you want to go build your library of games through purchasing games, that’s a great thing and it’s incredibly healthy and growing right now, game sales.

If you want to go build your library through the monthly subscription, I think that’s also a great way and I love the fact that as a gamer you have that choice on our platform.”

So, the Game Pass is here to stay and get even bigger as it is a central part of the plan of Microsoft for the world of gaming.

In November, subscribers have obtained PUBG, while in December they’ll get Hellblade, Mutant Year Zero and Ori among the others. Crackdown 3 is coming February 15, 2019.

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Xbox Game Pass Has "Millions Of Subscribers"