Xbox Game Pass Not Replacing Retail Video Games Sales


Xbox Game Pass is not going to replace video games retail sales, although platform holder is heavily pushing on the service. That’s according to Ben Decker, head of gaming services at Microsoft.

The service is growing stronger and stronger, and in a couple months it has received titles from Bethesda Game Studios (Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls: Online, Morrowind and Oblivion), DOOM, Rage, and it’s getting Halo: The Master Chief Collection in September.


“Sometimes there is a narrative around either subscribe or buy, but we want to make sure it’s a mixed ecosystem. For gaming to be healthy you want to create choice for developers and for customers,” Decker told Variety.

“Game Pass is a great way to do that with customers. It’s simply an opportunity for discovery. I don’t see it replacing purchase to own.”

“It’s more about balancing content. We want to make sure there is something for everyone. We want to retain a highly curated catalogue so that we think every game in the catalogue is great,” he added.

“Initially, we thought that the number was going to be really important. But what we hear now is, ‘I don’t want thousands and thousands of games, I want really good games.’”

You can have two months of Xbox Game Pass for just $2 until August 31, 2018, in case you’re thinking of subscribing.