Xbox exclusives coming to Xbox Game Pass will be permanent additions to the service


Microsoft is still tweaking its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, and it’s not the “Netflix of video games” as many want to label it, but it’s getting a lot better than it was.

First, Microsoft announced that all of the first-party exclusives releasing in the future would be coming to the service the day they debut. 

Now, the company has confirmed that these same first-party titles will not be cycled in and out of the Xbox Game Pass rotation like the rest of the titles on offer. They’ll remain as part of the collection permanently.

So if you’re worried about having to hurry up and grab Sea of Thieves or the hypothetical Crackdown 3 in the future so you don’t miss out, that’s not going to be a thing. As long as you’re a subscriber, you’ll still have access. 

That’s great news for busy gamers who don’t have time to power through new titles quickly, and for anyone joining the Xbox Game Pass service late.

Of course, nothing is going to change for the selection of other games continually added to the service. Right now, there’s a good mix of older and newer titles on there that you can download and keep as long as you’re paying for the service. At just $10 a month, it’s a very good deal for Xbox One owners.

Now if only a service like Netflix would adopt this kind of mentality in the future so we wouldn’t have to miss out on shows and movies that end up leaving the content stream.