Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Playing 40% More Titles, Even Outside Of The Program


Over the last couple of years, Microsoft has become the leader in the gaming subscription segment, thanks to the release of Xbox Game Pass.

In the past, we’ve reported about how the company believes and has data to prove that subscribers play way more games than all the other gamers around. Back in the day, they talked about approximately 20 percent more.

Now, we have some more data about this exciting topic, thanks to a statement coming from Agostino Simonetta, [email protected] lead. They discussed the matter during the Investment Summit in London (via ResetEra).

According to Simonetta, subscribers play 40 percent more video games than any other. That’s taking into account not only titles included in the Xbox Game Pass program but also games that are not part of the offering.

“People that join the subscription are way more engaged,” said Simonetta. “Well, they have a lot of free games to play — but actually they’re way more engaged outside the subscription. They go out to stores and buy more games than they did before they joined.”

“We’re leading on subscription, developers are going on the journey with us and we’re seeing them publicly commenting… the Afterparty team the other day said after seeing their game go on Game Pass day and date, suddenly they were seeing a lot of sales on other platforms. No More Robots said when Descenders went into Game Pass from Xbox Game Preview, they saw a positive impact on other platforms.”

Sure enough, such statements are the proof that Microsoft truly believes in Xbox Game Pass can help shape the future of gaming and of the entire company. That’s even after some big publishers such as Take-Two have expressed their reluctance in joining this trend.