Xbox Game Pass Subscription Price Won’t Increase In 2019, Hints At Xbox Live Bundle

Mike Ybarra, corporate vice president at Xbox, has shared a few interesting pieces of information about Xbox Game Pass.

Ybarra has discussed the subscription based service by Microsoft in a couple tweets he shared answering fan questions.

Indeed, he denied that Microsoft is looking at increasing the price of the subscription in 2019, similarly to what’s happening on Netflix.

The move wouldn’t come unexpected, as the service has seen a huge boost over the last few months in terms of quality and quantity of the games implemented each month.

On top of that, he also hinted at the possibility that Xbox Game Pass could be getting some sort of bundle with Xbox Live Gold.

That’s something users have been asking for quite a while now, as they would obtain the chance to get rid of the two subscriptions formula that’s a bit disorienting for newcomers.

“All feedback is good feedback,” Ybarra suggested, so that’s something he could be bringing into the discussion in the next meeting at Xbox.

One of the latest meetings he’s had with the team over Redmond has been the subject of another tweet, seemingly hinting at the next-gen Xbox Scarlett plans.

Xbox Game Pass Subscription Price Won't Increase In 2019, Hints At Xbox Live Bundle

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