Xbox Game Studios Hires PlayStation Talent Acquisition Lead To Focus On The Initiative

Xbox Game Studios has hired a PlayStation talent acquisition manager, Fiona Cherbak, to help The Initiative to staff. Cherbak works in the Santa Monica area so she can focus on the brand new software house with former Crystal Dynamics’ Darrell Gallagher at the helm.

During E3 2018 Xbox announced the acquisition of The Initiative. After that, we’ve not heard anything from them this year and know that its path will be much longer in comparison with the other teams at the Xbox Game Studios organization.

Last time we checked, the team was still lacking an art director, which means it still has to define the things it will work on moving forward. We don’t know whether Cherbak might have been called to help in an emergency where The Initiative wasn’t able to hire on its own, or it’s just an additional help to fasten things a bit.

She says on LinkedIn that she’s now the “talent acquisition lead for XBOX Game Studios, with focus on The Initiative in Los Angeles. Prior talent acquisition manager roles for Sony Interactive Entertainment, Gameloft, Irrational Games, Tencent, and Certain Affinity.”

The last experience she had was on God of War where she worked on staffing Santa Monica Studio so it could complete the work on the PS4 exclusive. The Initiative already hired people from SMS, so things are genuinely going the third-person action-adventure game way, it seems.