Xbox Game Studios To Share “New Things That Nobody Has Seen Before” At E3 2019


Xbox Game Studios will be revealing “new things that nobody has seen before” at E3 2019’s Microsoft media briefing on June 9.

Phil Spencer talked about that during the latest Inside Xbox, which served as a huge hyper in the wait for the conference to kick off in less than two months.

“Our new studios are going to have things to show, which is going to be awesome. Some new things that nobody has seen before, which will be fun,” Spencer said.

He added that Obsidian would be showcasing more of The Outer Worlds, even though Private Division is publishing the title.

On the status of work with the newest studios, Spencer said that it’d take “years” before all of them will be aligned in terms of technology and quality, but apparently, the final result will be worth of the wait.

“It’ll take years to really have them fully integrated in and delivering the same way all of the teams do, cause different teams are at different parts of their development cycle, but I think it’s gonna be really interesting to have those teams showing up this year, and starting to show what they’re building for us.”

The first new Xbox Game Studios which should be ready to reveal something could be Ninja Theory and Playground Games, with the latter reportedly working on a Fable reboot.

We’ll learn more on June 9, 2019, and of course, we’ll be reporting all the news live for you.