Xbox Game Studios To Stop Acquiring New Teams


Xbox Game Studios has been acquiring teams for a long while now, having added studios for a couple of years at an impressive pace. However, it looks like that row has been stopped these days since Matt Booty and Phil Spencer have revealed at X019 that they’re “shifting focus” on “execution and delivery.”

Booty said that Xbox is now getting “more games than we know what to do with,” and that the content that we got at the event a few hours ago is “the tip of the iceberg.” “Recently, we’ve been shifting our focus inside Xbox Game Studios from acquisition and growth to a phase of execution and delivery,” he added.

“Recently we got all 15 of our studio heads together in New York City. They came together in a meeting, and it was a really humbling and inspiring experience for me to be with these 15 creative leaders that represent over 300 years of experience with game design and production,” Booty shared, as mentioned by VGC.

“From Brian Fargo at InXile to Bonnie Ross, who runs Halo, to Tim Schafer at Double Fine, to Helen Chang who runs Minecraft… seeing these leaders come together to share ideas and expertise really gives me confidence going forward in what we’re doing.”

So, enough new studios, despite all the rumors that have been out before the X019: Asobo Studios, Playtonic Games, and all of that, most likely won’t be added anytime soon. There’s a new partnership with Dontnod, but that’s it. at least until E3 2019, no, wait, they just said no more new studios, ok.