Xbox head Phil Spencer says company is “evaluating” relationship with Activision Blizzard

Spencer says he is deeply troubled by the company’s actions.

Image via Microsoft

It seems like it is impossible to sift through gaming news without spotting a fresh scandal involving Activision Blizzard. The company has become embroiled in multiple controversies over the past year and now their business partners are starting to take notice. Several companies have raised concerns about the massive publisher, with Xbox joining the chorus of voices against the company.

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, has said that he’s “evaluating all aspects of [Xbox’s] relationship with Activision Blizzard and making ongoing proactive adjustments” due to the litany of offenses and cover-ups the company has been credibly accused of. This comes from an email sent to Xbox staff that was first reported by Bloomberg News.

Spencer went on to say that he and the company’s leadership team are “disturbed and deeply troubled by the horrific events and actions” at Activision Blizzard. He joins Playstation boss Jim Ryan in condemning the company’s actions of late.

With hundreds of its staff on a walkout, demanding the resignation of CEO Bobby Kotick, and numerous legal troubles stemming from the treatment of its employees through the years, things aren’t looking great for Activision Blizzard. At the time of this writing, however, Kotick is still in his post, but that seems like a precarious position that could change at any given moment.