Xbox Head Phil Spencer Will Spend The Entire Week In Japan

 Xbox Head Phil Spencer Will Spend The Entire Week In Japan

A new tweet from Phil Spencer reveals that the Xbox head is once again on a trip in Japan, where he’ll be visiting several local studios in order to have a stronger relationship between them and Microsoft.

According to his tweet, we learn that he’ll be spending the entire week in Japan so he can visit “studios and publishers”, to discuss the “games in development” and get feedback about the “progress with creators” over there.


“Spending this week in Japan visiting studios and publishers will be great to talk about games in development and get feedback on how we keep making progress with creators here,” he said.

Of course, followers on Twitter have shared their expectations for this journey and, while it’s most probably not bringing any particular news in the short and mid-term, they ask for Yakuza, Persona, Kingdom Hearts collections.

Microsoft has improved its bond with the Japanese video games industry even though Xbox is not getting any major exclusive title from there, something that had been a major focus back in the Xbox 360 days (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and more).

Maybe we’ll learn more in the upcoming X018 event, which we’ll be held in Mexico City on November 10, 2018?