Xbox IP Sequel Reportedly In The Making, To Be Revealed In 2020

These days, Microsoft Studios is working harder than ever to get as close as possible to its main competitor Sony.

This is leading to a lot of information to come out of their offices, both true and fake, and until we get a proper confirmation we’ll report them but precising they’re just rumors.

Supposed insider Krobrille has shared a new piece of information about a sequel to a “beloved” Xbox IP which is said to be revealed around 2020.

Xbox IP Sequel Reportedly In The Making, To Be Revealed In 2020

“A beloved Xbox IP game you have probably played in the last 4 years or so will get its bold second title in next-gen,” the insider said in a tweet.

“The successor is deep in development and I expect you will hear about it around 2020,” so it’s reportedly targeting Xbox Scarlett for what matters the release.

From the looks of it, it seems there’s a good chance the game is Killer Instinct, considering we’ve been playing it for a while now, it’s a Microsoft IP, and would be a good next-gen showcase.

Others like Sunset Overdrive 2 and Ryse 2 would be great, and would look fitting considering we’re talking about early gen releases, but those IP belong to the respective developers, not Microsoft.

So, what could it be?