Xbox Offers Jobs To Those Laid Off At PlayStation


Over the last few hours, you might have heard of redundancies at PlayStation, prominently in Europe but also in the United States. That was painful to many, and it was even more so because the news was delivered upon the day of the reveal of PlayStation 5’s final name and first DualShock 5 details.

However, those at PlayStation are so talented that we see them getting back in the industry soon, and that could even happen at Xbox, the biggest competitor in the gaming business for Sony.

For how weird it might look, an artist has shared his experience of being laid off at PlayStation, and someone tagged Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg (who’s general manager of Xbox games marketing) to see if he could help.

Greenberg said that he is “sorry to hear the news if folks are open to being in Seattle, we do have some roles posted. If I can do anything to help those in the industry impacted, please let me know. Start here, and you can filter by Xbox,” sharing a link to Microsoft’s careers website.

He also suggested the artist to “keep your head up, industry is growing, and there are a lot of good jobs out there,” so, again, talented people left out of PlayStation for some reason will surely find a new job soon, and we’ll get to see them around in the future. Whether that’s at Xbox or not.