Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Gets Final Batch, Free Too Human Copy


Microsoft has revealed that it is ending efforts on the current backwards compatibility program for Xbox One as it moves into the next generation of BC for Project Scarlett. The next-gen console will be compatible with games of three previous platforms and will also work on all your existing devices, including the upcoming Elite Controller Series 2.

To celebrate the end of the program, the platform owner has released a final batch of Original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One X Enhanced games, which also include Too Human free to everyone on Microsoft Store. The game for Xbox 360 is now compatible with Xbox One and is one so weird you won’t want to miss.

Original Xbox

These games will come complete of all the additional content that was released back in the days, totally for free, and will be available as part of an update you’ll be prompted to download as soon as your run your copies on Xbox One. They will feature up to 4x the pixel count on Xbox One and 16x on Xbox One X.

Xbox 360

Xbox One X Enhanced

As a reminder, Xbox One X Enhanced run 9x the original pixel count on Xbox One X, thanks to the great emulation handled by the former Project Scorpio console. These enhancements will be applied automatically and will be deployed both on individual games and the Rare Replay compilation.