Do Not Disturb Feature in Testing for the Xbox One


The upcoming update for the Xbox One i.e. version 1802.180105-1503, will soon be circulated through the Xbox Insider rings. The update contains three major features and we have listed them below.

Xbox One Getting Do Not Disturb Feature Soon

The update brings the much needed ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature. This will enable the users to switch their online status to DnD. When enabled, the user will stop getting game invites and notifications. It adds a Next achievements tab, which shows all the achievements you need to complete and the ones you are closer to complete, across all your games.

Addition of a miniature game hub. The mini-game hub will show all the contents of the regular hub, such as Achievements, friends activity etc.

In addition to the three major changes, the update also brings some changes to the comments layout for ease of use plus some extra power options. An official release date for the update has not been revealed but, we can expect a month or so for the testing period to be over and the update to be released.